I Broke My Laptop

So, it finally happened.


I dropped my baby down the stairs. Yep. It couldn’t have been more unlucky, I got to watch her fall down step by step, it was like watching it in slow motion. I could have cried, and I almost did. So what am I supposed to do now you ask? Well, I’m going to take the hard drive out of this one (hopefully it’s alive still) and buy a new one. It’s about time anyway, this one was starting to get old.

I’m not really sure what brand I’m going to go for, but I was thinking a Lenovo because I’ve heard good things about them. This one looks good in particular: http://ca.gateway.com/gw/en/CA/content/ne-series/neseries but I’m not really sure. I might go for a Gateway instead, because those are also supposed to be okay.

My husband tried to talk me into getting a netbook, but screw that. Sure, they’re smaller and easier to carry, but that’s about the only real benefit. I can’t stand using the small screen and keyboard; I do a lot of typing and it’s just a huge pain in the ass to be honest. I’d much rather go with a full-sized laptop. It’s going to be pretty nice, because this one was getting old anyway.

I really hope that the old harddrive works, because I haven’t made a backup in a while and it’s going to be really sad if so. I have some pictures from our vacation in March, and I don’t think I have them saved anywhere else, not even on Facebook. It’s going to be a bummer if they’re gone.

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