Nursery Time and Christmas Around the Corner

It once again becomes time to start putting together a nursery for the new kiddo!! We have a bunch of stuff from our son but since we’re having a daughter we need to get a bunch of new stuff. Plus paint the walls. And get new sheets and shit. Oh well.

We learned our lesson last time and we’re definitely getting a nursery humidifier this time. We didn’t even realize that not having a humidifier can make it way more likely to get a cold. I found this guide for picking the best baby humidifier and we got the penguin one in pink, it’s super super cute and I can’t wait to get it. It’s gonna be so cute.

We’re going to paint the walls the typical pink, I love painting so I’m really looking forward to it. I’d like to paint the doors as well, but I’m not sure we’ll get around to that just yet. They’re kind of a poop brown at the moment and it won’t necessarily clash with the pink, but we’ll have to wait and see what it looks like. Here’s a picture of our old nursery


We have a bunch of family coming over for Christmas which is always a pain in the butt. My mother in law is… how can I put this gently… kind of an ass. She always ends up making me feel bad about something in one way or another. Last year it was the turkey, I can only wait to see what she’s going to complain about this time. Maybe it will be my hair, or what I’m wearing, or what my husband is eating or wearing or the music we’re listening to. God, it’s just so frustrating.

At least

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I Finally Added Up Our Diaper Bill… Good Grief

I always knew our diaper bill was pretty huge, but I was scared to add it up and find out exactly how much we’re spending. My husband is pretty bad at managing money and usually ends up going to the corner store on a midnight run for diapers when we’re out and it’s really dumb. The diapers there are way more expensive than just buying them online in bulk. It turns out that we spent an average of $75 a month on diapers, which I think is way higher than it should be. We definitely spent last on diapers with our daughter, and that was because I managed most of the expenses then.

I took it upon myself to order some diapers online and I think I did a pretty good job, if I don’t say so myself. I found a good guide on getting cheap diapers in bulk online and it helped a lot. It turns out that Amazon has a program that lets you save a bunch of money on your diapers if you order them in bulk. It makes way more sense to me to order a bunch of diapers at once rather than run to the store every week because we ran out. A little planning goes a long way, I think.

Now all I have to do is wait. I made an order earlier today and supposedly the first shipment is supposed to come in tomorrow. I went with the Huggies 162 pack which ended up being about $35/pack and should get us through a month. That’s basically 1/2 off what we normally spent, which is insane. If I knew about this earlier, I would have been doing it all along. Hahaha, now I get to rub it in Ron’s face.

I also spent the day cleaning up. It’s incredible how toddlers can fit things in places I never thought possible. Like, how did he get cheerios inside his toy box? Some things I’ll never figure out. The closets were also a long time coming and it was nice to clean them out. I found an old pair of shoes I’ve been meaning to wear but never did, too bad summer is almost over. It’s still going to be nice for a while though, so we should probably make the most of it. We’re going on a family trip to the park for a picnic on Sunday, which should be nice. It always is.

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I Broke My Laptop

So, it finally happened.


I dropped my baby down the stairs. Yep. It couldn’t have been more unlucky, I got to watch her fall down step by step, it was like watching it in slow motion. I could have cried, and I almost did. So what am I supposed to do now you ask? Well, I’m going to take the hard drive out of this one (hopefully it’s alive still) and buy a new one. It’s about time anyway, this one was starting to get old.

I’m not really sure what brand I’m going to go for, but I was thinking a Lenovo because I’ve heard good things about them. This one looks good in particular: but I’m not really sure. I might go for a Gateway instead, because those are also supposed to be okay.

My husband tried to talk me into getting a netbook, but screw that. Sure, they’re smaller and easier to carry, but that’s about the only real benefit. I can’t stand using the small screen and keyboard; I do a lot of typing and it’s just a huge pain in the ass to be honest. I’d much rather go with a full-sized laptop. It’s going to be pretty nice, because this one was getting old anyway.

I really hope that the old harddrive works, because I haven’t made a backup in a while and it’s going to be really sad if so. I have some pictures from our vacation in March, and I don’t think I have them saved anywhere else, not even on Facebook. It’s going to be a bummer if they’re gone.

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